One of my favorite Christmas stories is “A Christmas Carol”. I think the part that moves me so much is the transformation of Ebenezer. I don’t believe he was born to be scrooge. As I reflect on the story, he was caught between his ambition and desire to succeed in business and the love for Belle his fiancé. But there is more to the story. Ebenezer endured wounds from his motherless childhood. He was sent off to school and never appeared to find his father’s approval. This lack of foundational nurturing and security led him to seek love with Belle but not willing to trust it. So, he sought security through money and success. Greed became his love.

As some of us realize, this is unsustainable model. There will never be enough stuff to replace the deep longing for love.

Ebenezer’s transformation begins on that fateful night when three visitors come. They show him who he was, what he is doing and what he will become.

Coming face to face with the harsh reality of how his life has unfolded he begs for another chance. He has “hit bottom”. But the transformation really starts to happen when he awakens, and he takes actions. He does not know what to do, but to be the opposite of who he had been. So instead of being miserly, he chooses to be generous. He laughs verses scowls. As his heart softens, he chooses to be kind and loving to those less fortunate that he.

He finds the secret: to be loved is to give love.

May you choose to see the opportunities to be kind and loving and act on it.

Have a blessed Christmas season.

– Kevin Polky

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