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Men’s Therapy

For many of us, our identity can be strongly tied to our gender. There is a significant amount of research that shows there are “core issues” unique to each sex and that individuals can benefit from exploring these issues through counseling. The core issues can define our masculinity, leading us to wonder if we are “man enough.” The media bombards us with the “ideal” images of men, but the ideals are not realistic or accurate. Still, they can call us to question ourselves, deplete our confidence, and set impossible standards we can never live up to.

Members of the kp counseling team specialize in men’s issues and provide a safe space for clients to discuss individual thoughts about their identity as men. We can help you develop a healthy, realistic sense of your gender identity and offer you tools to strengthen your self-esteem. Our goal in men’s counseling is to support you in your work to become the man of integrity you want to be in all your relationships.

Men’s Group Counseling

kp counseling offers group counseling services because they provide a multitude of benefits for individuals. One of the primary advantages of group therapy is it helps you meet others whose struggles are similar to your own. In addition, group counseling allows you the opportunity to be your “real” self in a safe space where you can try new things and receive helpful, encouraging, and supportive feedback from other members.

Group counseling often focuses on helping members try out new ways of relating to others, practice social skills, learn new coping methods, and develop new approaches to life stressors. Some groups have a specific topic they focus on or a theme, whereas other groups have a general focus, but the content is open to the group’s decision. Typically, prior to starting a group counseling experience, you will need to meet with or talk to the group’s facilitator to ensure the group will be able to meet your needs.

Men’s Compulsive Sex Group

Sexual addiction, like other addictions, can lead to significant problems in one’s personal and professional life. Common consequences of sexual addiction might include loss of time on internet activity, personal shame, concealment of risky sexual behavior, and legal ramifications. Compulsive sexual thoughts or behavior can lead to significant emotional, relational, and spiritual problems in one’s life. It is extremely important to identify the symptoms of sexual compulsivity and to seek appropriate help as soon as possible.