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Adolescent Counseling

Teens today face a host of issues never before seen in previous generations. Dangers have come right into their schools and movie theatres, while the internet provides more information than they can filter right into their bedrooms daily. The world is a stressful place for those already taxed with the difficult job of moving from childhood to adulthood. That is why adolescents today need more support than ever before, often in the form of professional counseling that can help them sort through the issues and strengthen their own sense of self.

What is Adolescent Counseling?

Adolescent counseling is a specialized form of individual counseling designed to meet the unique needs of teens within the community. Many teens balk at the idea of counseling, which is why it is important to choose a counselor trained and experienced in working with this age group. Teens need to feel secure and comfortable with the professional they are working with so that they are willing to open up about their issues and work with that professional to find solutions.

Several providers at kp counseling have backgrounds working with children and adolescents. Our counselors may use special techniques geared toward younger clients to make counseling sessions more enjoyable. Research has shown that these methods are an effective way to engage youth in the counseling process and make it easier for them to process thoughts and emotions.

School Assistance Services

The professionals at kp counseling understand the impact of social-emotional stressors on academic performance. We offer a wide range of school assistance services to middle schools, high schools, and other community groups to address the unique needs of this age demographic. Our staff members specialize in working with youth in the school setting and offer the experience and flexibility to work with the unique needs of each school and each student we encounter. Our programming currently includes grief services and bullying education. We also provide educational programming designed to help students learn more about themselves and their sense of character as they navigate the stressful, challenging, yet rewarding journey to young adulthood. If you are interested in learning more about these services or would be interested in working together to develop a new program to meet a need that has arisen within your school system, please contact us.

Teens have unique problems and issues that can be difficult for adults to understand today. At kp counseling, we work with these young clients to help them find a healthy place in this complex world. To learn more about our adolescent services, contact kp counseling at 779-368-0060.