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Sex Addiction

Sexual addiction, like other addictions, can lead to significant problems in one’s personal and professional life. Common consequences of sexual addiction might include loss of time on internet activity, personal shame, concealment of risky sexual behavior, and legal ramifications. Compulsive sexual thoughts or behavior can lead to significant emotional, relational, and spiritual problems in one’s life. It is extremely important to identify the symptoms of sexual compulsivity and to seek appropriate help as soon as possible.

Symptoms of Sexual Addiction

Some of the signs someone is struggling with a sexual addiction might include:

    • Inability to control sexual thoughts or behavior
    • Frequent sexual activity with multiple partners
    • Obsession or frequent craving for sexual activity
    • Feelings of intense shame or self-loathing
    • Inability to stop acting out sexually, despite intentions and promises
    • Neglecting people or responsibilities due to pursuit of sex
    • Continued sexual activity despite personal, professional, or legal consequences
    • Withdrawal symptoms when sexual activity is stopped

The following self-evaluation is provided to help assess your concerns about sexual addiction or sexual compulsivity. This self-evaluation does not replace a formal evaluation by an addiction or mental health professional. However, if you have concerns about the possibility of sexually compulsive behaviors negatively impacting your life or the life of someone you care for, you can contact kp counseling to schedule a meeting with an addictions or mental health professional.

Self Evaluation – Click Here

Treatment for Sexual Addiction

The staff at kp counseling can help you or a loved one overcome sexual addiction and restore health to your life and relationships. Sexual Addictions Anonymous is another option in providing guidance for family members and loved ones affected by these compulsions. To get the help you need for your sexual addiction today, contact kp counseling at 779-368-0060.