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kp counseling, located in Rockford, Il., offers a variety of services to meet you and your family’s therapy and counseling needs. We have a team of experienced therapists to consult with individuals from 3 years old to the elderly. The type of counseling and therapy service recommended will vary for each client. Our services are developed uniquely to meet your specific needs from individual, couple and family to group counseling.

A place of hope for the hurt and broken to be restored

"At kp counseling, we believe the art of counseling is a unique restorative process for each person.
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We Need To Talk About Another Pandemic Mental Health Crisis: Therapist Burnout
Written by: Jessica Gold Originally posted on Forbes.com; read the original article here. There is a clear mental health crisis and growing need for care in the United States. A recent Gallup poll showed American’s assessment of their own mental health is
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Four things you can do to support your teen’s mental health
Show your teenager love and care, while looking after yourself. Read the original article here. Whether you and your teen are getting along well or having challenges, it is important to show that you love and support them, that you can help them navigate
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How Ebenezer Became Scrooge?
One of my favorite Christmas stories is “A Christmas Carol”. I think the part that moves me so much is the transformation of Ebenezer. I don’t believe he was born to be scrooge. As I reflect on the story, he was caught between his ambition and desire to succeed
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Gifts of Autumn
As I reflect on the past two months, I am amazed at how beautiful this fall was. Every year I am surprised. And every year, I am surprised at my surprise. I watch the trees go from being bare in the winter to blooming in the spring and are full of green leaves
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3-year-old’s shooting in Rockford takes toll on police officers’ mental health
Read the original article here. ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — The death of a 3-year-old in a Rockford shooting on Thursday is obviously hard on his loved ones, but it’s also tough on the policemen and women who were first on the scene. Rockford Police Chief Dan
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