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kp counseling, located in Rockford, Il., offers a variety of services to meet you and your family’s therapy and counseling needs. We have a team of experienced therapists to consult with individuals from 3 years old to the elderly. The type of counseling and therapy service recommended will vary for each client. Our services are developed uniquely to meet your specific needs from individual, couple and family to group counseling.

A place of hope for the hurt and broken to be restored

"At kp counseling, we believe the art of counseling is a unique restorative process for each person.
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One of my favorite times of the day is in the morning. I just finish my morning workout and go outside to cool down and just sit. Sometimes, I will do some breathing exercises, other times I will start reading and then reflecting on a devotional. In the moments of
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Directing Your Thoughts
Sometimes, the storms of our lives come in such intimidating forms, that they cause us to lose hope. A storm can be an adverse situation, which we encounter, or it may be a person who opposes us. It seems as if the storms are taunting us, pointing out our failures, and
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KP Counseling’s 20th Anniversary!
20 years ago, I founded and opened kp counseling. I shared an office space and a receptionist (Cathy did everything!) with Kevin Anderson. I was hoping to have enough clients to make a living and support my family. I had been in the counseling field for 11 years but
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Rockford Police break down latest crime statistics
ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) - As the Rockford Police Department works to combat crime in the Forest City, the latest crime statistics show increases in almost every area including a spike in auto
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What Has the Pandemic Done to Our Boundaries?
Written by: Katie Heaney Read the original article here. The other day, a friend called me on the phone to complain about another friend — a cherished hobby for us both. In 2019, or any year before it, the inciting event would have been an inoffensive request:
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