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kp counseling, located in Rockford, Il., offers a variety of services to meet you and your family’s therapy and counseling needs. We have a team of experienced therapists to consult with individuals from 3 years old to the elderly. The type of counseling and therapy service recommended will vary for each client. Our services are developed uniquely to meet your specific needs from individual, couple and family to group counseling.

A place of hope for the hurt and broken to be restored

"At kp counseling, we believe the art of counseling is a unique restorative process for each person.
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SERMC Promotes Suicide Prevention Month
Story by: Scott Curtis Every September the Navy is dedicated to raising awareness for suicide prevention and educating individuals on the programs and services offered for those who are, or know someone who is, struggling with suicidal thoughts or ideations. This
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Main Support Beams
A few years ago, I was touring my friend's new farm. As he bought it sight-unseen, it was an adventure for both of us. As we walked through the barns, I came to an odd sight. It was a pole, that had to be at least 100 year old, that was holding up the awning-style roof
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A Light in the Darkness
Recently, I was meeting with some individuals and we were discussing the devastating impact of depression (for that matter, any mental illness, including addiction, this story would apply). They were talking about how no one seems to understand how difficult it is when
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At the First of the Year…
At the first of the year, the demands on us take more and more of our time. New Years resolutions and goals for the upcoming year press for us to make decisions on how we will spend our time. What will we choose to eliminate, and then add, to our daily and weekly
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The Cattle are Lowing
The Cattle are Lowing Is it beautiful outside or just annoyingly frigid? Do you see the beauty or is your head down as you mumble through the snow and ice? Regardless of your perspective, the temperature remains the same. What you choose to think about is what you
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