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Women’s Therapy

A woman’s identity can be strongly tied to her gender. The media is overflowing with the “ideal” images of women that set us up for unrealistic expectations and disappointment. Our very femininity can be called into question, depleting our confidence and our self-esteem.

There is a significant amount of research indicating that women face core issues that are unique to their gender. They may not even realize these issues exist until they become big enough to affect daily life, health, and relationships. Women can often benefit from exploring these issues through professional counseling.

Individual Counseling for Women

At kp counseling, we have staff members that specialize in women’s issues and offer a safe, comfortable environment for you to discuss your personal thoughts on what it means to be a woman. We will help you develop a healthy, realistic sense of your identity as a woman to strengthen your self-esteem. Our goal is to support you as you strive to be the woman of integrity that you want to be.