The Cattle are Lowing

Is it beautiful outside or just annoyingly frigid? Do you see the beauty or is your head down as you mumble through the snow and ice? Regardless of your perspective, the temperature remains the same. What you choose to think about is what you will see. When you choose to dwell on the cold it seems to be colder. If you look at the wonder, you will be distracted from the frigidness.

A long time ago there was a young couple that traveled over 70 miles by foot. They had less than 2 weeks to complete their journey. She was about 14 years old and 8 ½ months pregnant. He was a young husband, concerned and inexperienced. When they arrived at their destination, the town was overflowing with people. All the rooms were taken. So, they took refuge in a barn! Instead of being able to rest from their long journey, it was time. She started labor. Can you imagine? He must have been freaking out. He had never delivered a baby (maybe never even held one). Running around the barn looking for clean anything; water, cloths, anything. She must have been terrified. Feeling scared and overwhelmed. And, I am sure there was no epidural available. How can this be happening, and why this way? But, this has been a journey of faith and trust from the very beginning. Though this child is blessed, he is not privileged. He will be loved but equally hated. Hardship and suffering will be a part of his journey. Maybe his parents experienced such a difficult beginning so he would be able to go to them and they would understand. As they held the blessed child they knew their faithful perseverance was well worth it.

Will you choose to focus on the beauty in the cold?

Merry Christmas!

kevin polky, CADC, LCSW

P.S.—When singing Away in the Manager, remember cattle lowing really means there were cows in the delivery room.

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