Family Therapy

At kp counseling, we understand that when one member of a family is struggling, everyone in the family is facing the same challenges. Family therapy refers to the process of working with a family (which may also include working with individuals one-on-one outside of the family setting) to resolve familial issues. This process often provides essential understanding about relationship dynamics within the family and how individual relational dynamics affect others within the family.

Reasons for Family Therapy

There are many reasons why a family may choose to pursue counseling as a unit, in addition to or in place of individual therapy:

  • Address marital or financial issues
  • Resolve conflicts between family members
  • Understand the impact of mental illness on the entire family
  • Understand the impact of addiction on the entire family
  • Work through situations causing grief, sadness, or anger
  • Bring family members together to provide support and comfort

Our counselors are trained to work with families, both as a group and with individual members, to improve communication and strengthen relationships. Family therapy serves to strengthen ties, ensure everyone’s needs are being met and develop new ways of communication and interaction that foster respect, acceptance and unity as a family unit. Family counseling is aimed at helping individual members of the family find new ways to connect that enhance the wellness of each member as well as the family as a whole.