School Assessments

At kp counseling, we understand that the impact of social emotional stressors can significantly interfere with the learning process. That is why we offer a wide range of school assistance services to the community. We have staff members who specialize in working with youth in school settings and are well-trained and available to work with the unique needs of each school and each student they encounter.

In terms of programming, we currently offer grief services, bullying education, as well as programming designed to help students learn more about themselves and their sense of character as they navigate the sometimes stressful and challenging (yet rewarding) journey of becoming a young adult. If you are interested in learning more about these services or would be interested in developing a new program to meet a need within your school system, please contact us.

Character for Success Program

What is Character for Success?
The Character for Success Program provides education, awareness, and prevention plans to students concerning the impact of social emotional stressors that interfere with their learning process. Social emotional skill development is provided through various topics that are age-appropriate. We have programs currently at Harlem High School.

Who is Invited?
Services are available in the Harlem School District at the Elementary, Middle and High Schools and are facilitated by trained counselors. Students will be identified to participate in services through self, family, staff, peer or community referrals for prevention, early intervention, pre-assessment or support services. Students will be assessed through self reporting questionnaires, pre-assessment interviews, along with collaboration with family, staff and community referrals, as appropriate.

How is the Program Implemented?
The student assistance counselor will provide education, awareness and prevention plans concerning the impact of social emotional stressors that interfere with learning. Students may participate in individual counseling sessions and/or structured psycho-educational group counseling.

Additional Services
Grief support services at Harlem School District and Rockford Christian.
Bullying Education Program and support services for Hononegah High School.