1.Explore the site for relevant resources

2. Call and make an appointment – (779) 368-0060

Information we will need when you call:

  • Name
  • Phone number
  • General description of your needs or concerns
  • Preferred therapist if you are requesting a specific counselor

What you will be asked to bring to your first appointment:

  • Insurance information
  • Drivers license
  • Completed registration forms (if not completed before arrival you will be given a copy of the forms to complete in the office before seeing your counselor. Click on form below to download!)

3. Your initial evaluation appointment

The counselor will begin by obtaining and reviewing information about:

  • Your chief complaint and symptoms
  • Any current and past health issues, allergies, and medications
  • Current and past therapy treatments you have obtained
  • Current and past family and social support systems
  • Current and past personal and family drug and alcohol use

Based on your initial interview with the counselor, you and your counselor will create a treatment plan which will determine:

  • How often you meet
  • Your goals in counseling
  • Who will participate in your counseling process
  • How long you expect the counseling process to last


  1. Beginning the process of seeking help through counseling can be overwhelming and can at times be intimidating. Our mission at kp counseling is to increase the quality of life, by building relationships, through health, healing, and self-mastery in the areas of physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual. Our goal is to help facilitate your healing before you even pick up the phone to make an appointment. This website is intended to be a resource to you. Please explore its pages, information, and links to supporting websites. One question you may struggle with may be “Is my problem normal? Am I normal or am I at risk?” This may partially be answered, for example, through the Normal vs At Risk link here, also in the Individual Forms section above.
  2. Once you are ready to make an appointment, we invite you to call 779-368-0060 and speak with our staff. They are knowledgeable of the services we provide as a whole as well as specialty areas of each of our individual counselors and will be able to make a suggestion for a counselor that will be the best fit for you based on the information you provide them. If you are asking for a specific counselor, make sure to let them know so they can try to accommodate your request. They will ask for general information such as your name and a phone number so we can reach you if needed. They will be able to answer any questions you have about what to bring to the first session.
  3. Your initial evaluation session will be about an hour long. You will be asked about what is bringing you in to see a counselor (chief complaints and symptoms), but you also will be asked about factors from your past that have influenced your current crisis or symptoms. Our goal at kp counseling is to create a safe and caring atmosphere where you feel comfortable and free to share your story. We understand the feelings of vulnerability and hurt that often accompany sharing your personal story. We encourage you to play an active role in your therapeutic process by encouraging you to be open and honest, not only with us as your therapist, but also with yourself. We are honored to be by your side as you walk through your own story, healing, and moving toward self-mastery. We look forward to meeting you.