Substance Abuse Assessments

Substance abuse is a heavily genetic disorder; a vast majority of addicts come from a family with the same tendencies. Because of this, it is true that addiction is not the patient’s fault. It is no one’s fault, but substance abuse, especially addiction, is a disease that can be fatal and requires immediate care and treatment.

There are several ways of determining whether you have a significant problem with drugs and alcohol. The main component that distinguishes an addict is the consequence associated with the habit. If a habit has consequences that negatively affect relationships, work, mental stability, or any other aspect of life to a marked degree, the person suffering is usually abusing the substance of choice. We offer assessments for you to determine your level of abuse and what course of action best suits your condition.

It is vital to your health and overall well being that you consider treating your condition if you believe you have a problem. If you have seen any negative affects on your life as a result of your use of drugs and/or alcohol, contact us to begin your path to health and happiness. Take the assessment below to see if you fall under the category of substance abuse and allow yourself to get the help you need.


If a loved one seems to be suffering, we are available to help you as well. We can help you decide the best course of action to get treatment for those you love. If they are willing, send them here to complete an evaluation themselves. There is no better time than the present.