Relationship Problems

We were born to live in relationship with others; it is a part of being alive and human. For this reason, we often enter into romantic relationships looking for someone to share our love with, for someone to help care for us, understand and support us, and be a constant stable force in our lives. Sometimes, however, because we are human, conflict arises and we experience difficulties in our relationships – we no longer feel loved, we feel hurt or betrayed, we feel embarrassed, we struggle to agree on how to interact with extended family, we don’t feel appreciated enough, or we experience some other kind of emotional pain.

Usually, when we experience such conflict, our natural reaction is to try and solve the problem and stop the pain. Sometimes, our best efforts to resolve the situation don’t work – maybe because we are scared to face the pain, maybe because we don’t want to fix the problem, maybe because we don’t know how to find the resolution we desire. The therapists at kp counseling are available to work with you and your partner through these struggles and help you regain the sense of happiness, confidence, and stability in your relationship you long for.

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