Wellness is defined as:

At Four Corners Wellness Center, we are committed to treating the whole person. We believe when the body is allowed to properly function it has the ability to repair itself. Being more aware and educated on how your body is intended to function is one of our primary goals. We will partner with you using non-invasive interventions to remedy the symptoms and rectify the problem. As you become symptom free, a protocol to ensure a healthy and optimal lifestyle will be developed.

We offer the following wellness services:

  • Clinical Counseling – kp counseling
  • Nutrition – Nutritionists
  • Massage – Massage Therapists
  • Fitness
  • Yoga
  • Meditation

The Four Corners Wellness Philosophy

All living systems from the human individual to a community consist of four specific areas, domains or quadrants. Though each area is uniquely specific there is interdependence and interrelatedness that allows the system to stay in a homeostasis that allows for optimal function and growth.

The four areas are:

  • physical
  • intellectual (mental)
  • emotional (social-emotional)
  • spiritual

To be aware of all four areas of a system and the interrelatedness that each has on the whole. To strive toward equal growth in each area to prevent imbalance in the system which could result in a breakdown in the system and impede on potential growth.


At Four Corner’s, we believe development and growth in all four areas of a person’s life (or a system such as marriage, family, or community) is critical. The tendency for most individuals is to exercise their strength, or what they are familiar with, and avoid their perceived weakness, or the area they are not comfortable with. For example, it is common for an athlete to rely on his physical and intellectual development to ensure continued success, and downplay or avoid development in the spiritual and emotional areas of his life. Similarly, many organizations will fall prey to the same tendency. An institution that has relied on having the best, most advanced technology and the brightest employees may chose to not spend a lot of energy developing a culture of life-giving beliefs and actions toward each other or their customers.

Our desire is to help individuals be aware of all four domains of their life and spend appropriate time and energy developing all areas. As a person or organization has equal development in all four areas of their life, they are in a position for optimal heath and growth. The opportunity for creativity and adapting to the demands of an ever-changing world are readily available. With an increase of mental and physical energy, individuals are able to see the possibilities within the impossible. They are able to celebrate with great joy, feel sorrow when there is loss, experience anger when there is injustice, and be aware that their fears are alerting them to something that needs to be addressed. God has created us to be a whole and fulfilled people. Come and join us on this journey of life that you where intended to live.