DUI Risk Education & Treatment

DUI offenders are typically required to attend educational meetings and learn about preventing further incidences in the future. We provide an in-depth course on DUI risk, assessing each offender for the tendencies of addiction.

The goals of this program are to prevent further cases of DUI through thorough education regarding the risks behind the action. Topics include:

  • The Law: History of DUI law and its impact on drivers today
  • Effects of alcohol and drugs on brain function
  • Chemical dependency
    • Progression, misuse and addiction
    • Recovery and change
    • Familial genetics and factors
    • Drugs and their affect on stress
    • Alternatives and resources

Losing lives to DUI accidents is a tragedy that can be stopped. Providing previous offenders with the education to teach them that they know better than to put lives at risk makes a significant difference in their likelihood to engage in such activity again.