Athlete Counseling

Athletes carry a very specific, very heavy load. Pressure comes from all angles in and out of the game, and it can often be overwhelming to deal with alone. While many think having the opportunity to pursue something you love on a professional, even college level would be a dream come true. Though it is to many, being an athlete is not without its worries and stressors.

Experiences like a big win, a record-setting run, even garnering the mental and physical discipline to master their art are all healthy and competitive, but many times this also comes with emotional trauma. When is the line drawn between the game and real life? What are the repercussions of sports becoming a form of mass entertainment? How do weather, physical exhaustion and the dreadful reality of losing affect our athletes? Very intensely is the only answer to most of those questions. This is a huge reason we believe in athletic counseling.

“Don’t get me wrong, I can not stand to lose any football game. But, I believe there is greater value in being tested by the storms of our life, and learning from those lessons. And most importantly, to win at life is to take advantage of every opportunity for self awareness and self-improvement.
Will you choose to face your storms with the character that will allow you to live a full life?”

Kevin Polky,CADC, LCSW