Adult Outpatient

Our outpatient treatment program provides patients with a comprehensive range of services for 5 days per week, without room or board. Patients will be provided with the tools to address both substance abuse and any parallel psychiatric disorders that may be pairing with addiction. We pride ourselves on the in-depth services we provide adults with this treatment, especially in the individualization of treatments. We use a medical model to treat these addictive disorders, but it is very much tailored to the needs of each patient. Each of our patients receives a specific plan to follow each day during treatment.

These sessions may include the following:

  • Morning spiritual meditation
  • Step group meeting
  • Education and recovery skills training
  • Anger group
  • Grief group
  • Yoga
  • Family support group
  • Family therapy
  • And more

Our outpatient program requires that patients attend treatment as a daily schedule, only moving forward based on clinical progress. After completion of this treatment phase, patients may move on to intensive outpatient treatment, or IOP.