Therasa Yehling

Licensed Clinical Social Worker | ICDVP, LCSW

Therasa Yehling / ICDVP, LCSW Licensed Clinical Social Worker

We are capable of tremendous growth and change, but it takes work. As a therapist I will assist you to achieve your goals. In our sessions we identify what is working and what you want to change. Together we focus on your strengths, creating a path to achieve your goals and navigate the obstacles in a safe and non-judgmental space.

I am an engaged and active participant in our sessions. The therapeutic intervention that we will use is the one that works for you. Therapy is an active process, where together we explore what brings you to therapy, focusing on your strengths while we navigate the barriers. Although we are talking about serious and often difficult topics, you should feel comfortable and enjoy our meetings. The one thing I know is that I will reinforce the positive actions you take and help you use humor to get through the hard times.

I enjoy working with anyone who is struggling with an issue and is truly invested in feeling better and working to create change. Clients from ages twelve on up, come to me for a variety of reasons, but those dealing with physical issues such as depression, anxiety, victims of trauma, grief/loss, work/life balance, chronic pain, autoimmune diseases, and weight management including weight loss surgery, gender identity and sexual orientation, relationship problems, attachment issues, brain injury (people with disabilities), attention/sensory issues, self-harm- cutting, women’s issues, sexual assault, co-dependency, self-esteem issues, and domestic violence are of particular interest to me.

Over 25 years ago I started working in the field of Domestic Violence. I helped create programs here and in Chicago for men and women who were arrested and convicted for domestic battery. I helped the state of Illinois create the State’s protocol on how to implement those programs around the state. I worked as the Director of Domestic Violence Services in Chicago through Jane Addams Hull House Association for many years. I worked in the domestic violence courthouse. While working in these environments and in private practice I was able to to gain an eclectic therapy approach.
Therasa enjoys spending most of her time with her husband and her son who is just a toddler. She loves to spend time in the sun getting a tan, making art/crafting, spending time with friends, and she loves to travel.