Stephanie Syverson

Licensed Clinical Social Worker | LCSW

Stephanie joined KP Counseling in February of 2020, bringing 10 years of experience helping clients of all ages and backgrounds navigate through life’s challenges. Stephanie is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. She received her Bachelor’s degree in social work from Illinois State University and her Master’s degree in social work from University of Illinois at Chicago, with a specialization in community health.

Stephanie started her career at YouthBuild Rockford where she started a mentoring program for youth offenders, a relationship that allowed her to help students realize their potential and understand that they aren’t what has happened to them. After leaving YouthBuild, Stephanie spent the next couple of years working in adolescent community mental health and adult inpatient substance abuse treatment. She then transitioned to the school social work where she worked with highly dysregulated students at Camelot Education, a therapeutic day school. There she worked with students diagnosed with social-emotional and behavioral disorders and autism. Before joining KP, Stephanie was working with inmates labeled by the court as seriously mentally ill (SMI) or guilty but mentally ill (GBMI) inmates in the special treatment center and max security psychiatric unit at Dixon Correctional Center. Stephanie still works part time at the prison on the weekends working with inmates suffering from schizophrenia, mood disorders, and personality disorders.

At KP, Stephanie enjoys working with individuals (primarily children 6-12 and adults), couples, and families alike. She has experience helping others navigate through depression, anxiety, mood disorders, social-emotional struggles, behavioral concerns, mild autism, trauma, anger management, personality disorders, mild psychotic disorders, relationship problems, parenting, family dynamics, and crisis management/de-escalation.

Stephanie’s approach to counseling is supportive, nonjudgmental, and straight forward, she has a passion for helping people improve their day-to-day functioning and success in life. Stephanie believes that her role in counseling is to educate and empower her clients to realize that they are truly capable of helping themselves live their best lives if they want it. She strongly believes that empowerment is the difference between thriving and just surviving in life and allows clients to become free of the chains and truly believe that they aren’t what has happened to them. She seeks to accomplish this by helping clients understand the importance of effective emotion regulation, thought awareness, healthy communication, and self-worth, in order to establish sustainable long-term solutions and successful outcomes for years to come.

Outside of work Stephanie enjoys spending time with friends and family (especially playing board games), playing the piano, listening to music, and going on adventures whenever possible.