Kellie Ojeda

Kellie Ojeda

Master Level Therapist | MA

Kellie Ojeda, MA

Kellie Ojeda has been in the Rockford area for over a decade. She works with clients from adolescence through the lifespan. During her internship, she interned at a private practice as well as facilitated a JOYNT group for women from their 50s-80s on emotional eating and weight loss strategies. She also works with people experiencing interpersonal and marital questions, depression, anxiety, infertility and miscarriage, life stages, weight loss/weight gain issues, trauma, and boundary construction. She loves to help clients achieve a sense of empowerment through implementation of boundary work, increasing self-discovery, increase coping skills such as cognitive-behavioral techniques, mindfulness and grounding, and, of course, the safety and understanding of the therapist. She is also particularly interested in working with clients who are looking for a Christian therapist, although she has worked with people from all walks of life.

Kellie has co-authored an article on pregnancy loss, volunteered at a youth ministry, she has been a JOYNT coordinator for the YMCA, and she has worked in private practice since graduation. She obtained her Associates of Arts at Rock Valley College, her Bachelor of Arts from Judson University in Criminal Justice Management, and, finally, her Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Judson University.

Kellie enjoys going for long walks, coffee with her friends, movie nights (and afternoons) with her kids, writing and working creatively, Bible study, eating sweets, and working out (specifically strength and agility training). Interesting facts: She has run two Spartan races (one in Lambeau Field), has a hypoallergenic Welsh Terrier, and sang in choir throughout high school.

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