Leadership is both art and science. It takes both fierce determination and a gentle touch.

At kp counseling, we believe in channeling your unique gifts to enhance your strength in leadership skills, confidence, and your ability to conquer challenges. Through personal restoration fueled by passion and persistence, you can learn to make each of your dreams a reality.

We believe that every day is an opportunity to learn and grow, and it is our responsibility to give ourselves that beneficial change. Renewing our passion for growth and knowledge allows us to receive the inspiration we need to use our skills and emerge as leaders. As we learn more about ourselves, we are able to better assess what it is that we need to enhance our lives and stimulate success.

Let us join you on your lifelong journey of success, in realizing the gifts you have been given and using them to make positive change.

Leadership Assessment

Evaluate your leadership along four interdependent perspectives.

General Brady McCaffrey said, “True leadership is so compelling people will follow you into enemy fire.” But how does one lead through inspiration? How does “spirituality” fit into the work-place, and how is it related to competitive advantage? What role do workers’ emotions play in accelerating problem solving? These and many other questions are addressed in a comprehensive leadership assessment that points leaders to specific action for improving leadership competencies.

Assessing the Organization

Organizational Culture. Being a leader means living and breathing an organized and fully managed lifestyle. Leaders are ready for any outside factors that threaten this professional level of organization. Learn how living purposefully in the four main value spheres builds an environment for success, while guarding against organizational decline.

Realizing Your Dream

If you have ever been part of a championship team you know the power of success. Success energizes virtually every aspect of life, adds color and depth to living, and leaves you deeply satisfied that what you are doing is significant. At kp counseling, we are dedicated to releasing this potential energy, so that leaders can empower their worlds for good.