The beginning of August always reminds me of years ago when I was either playing or coaching football. The excitement of double sessions and the beginning of a new season. Every team is undefeated and has the highest aspirations to go deep into the playoffs and ultimately to the state championship. What a team and the individual players have done in the offseason to prepare for the season will have a direct impact on their performance come game time. The preparation they have done as a team on the field and in the weight room will allow them to have the competitive edge over their opponent. Developing their character by doing the extra workouts when no one is watching will make the difference in the close games.

Today, I embrace that sports are a metaphor for competing in life. What we do when no one is watching builds our character. And as we do the hard things to prepare ourselves for the opportunities that will present themselves, we will have success.

Preparation plus opportunity equals success.

Do the hard things!

Choose to shine your Light!

Kevin Polky, CADC, LCSW