There is a lot of information available for self-help and personal growth, so where do you start. First off, I don’t think there is a wrong direction to go when you first get started. You are just getting started and that is the first step. Be curious as you go on this journey of self-discovery. Allow your curiosity to guide you on your journey. Be aware of the tendency to prematurely making conclusions or judgements of yourself or others with new information that you are discovering. Allow the information to speak to you and then decide if it is a fit for you. The odds are if it has been well researched it well have some merit. Other times, it may be someone’s experience and observation which can give insight or possibility into your journey.

All ancient wisdom traditions state a guide is a crucial element of transformation. They will create space for you to self-reflect. Ask questions for you to discover your answers. And give feedback upon your development.

Enjoy the journey of developing your best self.