At this time of year, it is common to set goals for the new year. Many people will make goals regarding financial security, health and body image and others toward career aspirations. And though they are all good goals they are temporary and fleeting. I have spent my entire life setting goals, discipling myself and striving for the next mark. But every time and after ever goal that was accomplished there was the day after. You know like December 27th when all the excitement and build-up of Christmas is now over, but the decorations are still up. You look around, and if you are not careful there will be an emptiness.

But if you planned correctly and you were mindful. What you may have done on the way to accomplishing your goals, was create memories. Those memories on the way to accomplishing the goal, now that is the gold. Those are the treasures you will put in a safe place forever, your heart.

Remember setting goals are essential, planning and discipline are critical but the memories you create along the way, are the most precious gift of all.

On your last day in your last moments, you will either be reflecting on those moments and relationships you created, or you will regret that you didn’t.

Will you choose to slow down to savor those relationships and to create the memories?

— Kevin Polky