I hope everyone had a good end of the year. It is that time when we think about what we would like to accomplish this year. Some of us are thinking about health or financial goals. Many times, the goals are about restriction of certain type of foods or eliminating unnecessary spending.

But what if this year we do something different.

Today, we were driving back from being in Wisconsin for few days over for New Years. We got the news that there had been a snowstorm back at home. As we were getting closer to home, we could see the evidence of the storm. I started planning on the task in front of me of removing the snow.

Clearly, not a big a deal but nonetheless it is a task that needs to get completed. The closer we got, I became preoccupied about the little things. Will we be plowed in? Should I park in the street and then shovel?

And, then to my surprise. Someone had snow blown the driveway and sidewalk. My assumption was a neighbor. So grateful. What a kind gesture. Thoughts of all the negativity in the media about people being self-centered and only thinking of themselves is not completely true. Clearly, this is a gesture of helping a neighbor. Gesture of kindness.

After finishing unpacking the truck, I noticed my next-door neighbor still had snow in her driveway. I grabbed my shovel and took care of her driveway. As I was shoveling the drive, I thought she will be grateful as she finishes her shift at the hospital. Then, I heard someone in the garage. (My initial thought was she is going to see who is cleaning her drive and I wanted it to be anonymous.) And then I heard someone coughing in the garage. Maybe, her adult son is sick. I am glad, I came over to do their drive.

My goal for this year is to look for opportunities to be kind and paying it forward.

The invitation is to making being kind and paying forward your goals for this year.

Choose to make a difference.

Kevin Polky