One of my favorite times of the day is in the morning. I just finish my morning workout and go outside to cool down and just sit. Sometimes, I will do some breathing exercises, other times I will start reading and then reflecting on a devotional. In the moments of reflecting, then it happens. I hear the birds singing. I watch the wind dance with the leaves. And, take in deep smells of nature.

Everything seems to slow down. But what really has slowed. Me. Or, at least my thinking. Sometimes it takes more intentional effort to let go and put aside for this moment the distractions, problems and the “to do list”. Other times, I will have to move to burn off some stress chemicals so I can slow down. Regardless of what I need to do to get into that space, I know it is my responsibility to intentionally prepare myself to be in that space.

See for me this space is sacred space. Always present but fluid because of me. Always present because I have come to believe my Creator is always present, but I am not. I get tired, distracted, anxious or prideful and when I am hurting, I am in my head thinking. My thinking though a gift is the same thing that will keep me stuck. Until I surrender and let go. Nothing on the outside may change but I am different because I can now “see” differently. Then there is an opportunity for creativity, innovation, hope and love.

Though, my favorite time is the stillness of the morning, if I am intentional and open, I can hear birds sing and the wind dance anytime of the day.

What do you find in the stillness?

–kevin polky