Many years ago, I started participating in Men’s work, about 30 years ago. It changed my life. It allowed me to develop into the man that I wanted to be. Throughout the years, regardless of it was in sport, business or in my personal life, I have been fortunate to have some amazing men who mentored me.

I have committed a large part of my counseling practice to men’s work and giving back what it has been taught to me.

In honor of the month that celebrates fathers, I want to raise a hand to all those men who choose to show up, give up and love those ones around them. I have been privileged to be the father of two amazing young adults, the son of a strong father, the son-in-law of a wise “father” and walked with many brothers and men during my journey.

So, take the time to honor your father. And men choose to walk in a way of honor.

Dad and Don, I Love You!