It appears that the headlines are reserved for the champions who seem to have breezed through their competition without any resistance. These stories are about how they are this unstoppable giant. I think many times we believe that is how life is supposed to be. We are to be this indomitable force in which we glide through our competition. The problem is what if life is not that way. What if there is more setbacks and defeats than there are victories? Have we been taught how to get up stronger after being knocked down? Do we teach our children in life, you will get knocked down, but the champion is the one who does not stay down? Learning that failure is part of the journey is important but learning how to fail forward is crucial for success. The best stories, the stories that are remember forever, are the stories about standing up after being knocked down. It is about taking a setback, making no excuses or blaming others, and making it to be part of your success story.

Will you choose to make your setbacks part of your success story?

Written By: Kevin Polky, CADC, LCSW