I believe within each of us there lies a Light. A Light allowing us to create, show compassion, be gracious and to love. I believe we are all born with this Light. There are no expectations. No defective people who are not born with this Light.

You need no more proof then to look into a baby’s eyes. You can see this Light!

But, what happens many times there are storms in people’s lives.

These storms come in many forms: physical, sexually and verbal abuse, bullying, mental illness, substance abuse, lies and manipulations by others.

These storms come and block the Light. The Light is still there. It cannot disappear. But, it can be blocked! And, the lies usually manipulate us into thinking the storm is our fault or that it will never pass.

Our responsibility is to identify the storms in our lives and the perceptions that have developed as a result of it, challenge the misperceptions and find our greater truth because we have survived the storm.

And, then we can share our greater truth with others through words and actions.

A seasoned captain becomes a great captain by the storms he has faced not the absence of storms.

Choose to be a Light in others Darkness!