Cold does not exist, there is only an absence of heat. Darkness does not exist, there is only an absence of Light. Though these two facts may be true, our perception of the cold and darkness can be debilitating. But, we humans can withstand extreme cold with proper clothing and the belief of never ending darkness if we have hope that the sun will rise.


In the past week the celebrity world lost two stars to suicide. Unfortunately, at the local level this sudden tragic loss is also true. Suicide is a complex issue with many factors compounding for a person to be in the depths of darkness and despair. The hopelessness in the darkness is what leads the person to think suicide is viable option. Over the 28 years of counseling, I have come to believe people who are suicidal do not want to die but want their darkness and pain to end. Though, a variety of factors have been identified which leads a person to this darkness. Each person and their situation are uniquely different. Many times, a significant loss (employment, relationship, health, etc.) precedes this slipping into this darkness.


It is this point where we can be a Light in others Darkness, providing not only hope but a caring compassionate ear. Listening empathically to where the person is mentally and emotionally. Ask questions with compassion. And be willing if needed to tell someone else to ensure their safety. Providing hope that their perception of the situation can change. You do not need to do this alone as you reassure them they do not need to go at this alone. There are many professionals and agencies that are able and willing to help.


Together we can prevent suicide.

If you are in this place of darkness please call 1.800.273.7255 (National Suicide Prevention Lifeline) or text 741741 (Crisis Text Line).

Be a Light in others Darkness.