During this time of high school and college graduation, it is a common question to ask the graduate what they will being doing after a graduation. Why do we ask this particular question? Maybe we are curious. Maybe we are just being nice. Or, like it many situations we don’t know what to say. But, I have been thinking a lot about this question. It could be because my son just finished his senior year in college and my daughter completed her first year in college and is transferring to another college next year. But, the story I am really interested in knowing is who are they becoming and who they are aspiring to be. True, what they will be doing may give them the opportunity to discover more about who they are. But, exploring and discovering who they are will be the Light to this adventure called life. So, I am going to make conscious effort to ask myself first and then others (specifically those in transition) who are you wanting to be?

Who are you becoming?

–kevin polky