A Hair in My Soup

Have ever looked forward to something and it didn’t work out? Not only does it look completely different than you expected but it is so much worse than you could imagine. I know that this has happened to me.

Years ago I planned a vacation to go to the Black Hills in South Dakota. It was planned for the end of July. I saved money. Took time off work. I did all the preparations that I could possibly think of to have a great trip. As the time got closer my anticipation grew and grew. The day final arrived and I left at 4:00 am for the thirteen hour drive West. As I drove West, the dark clouds and the rain continued. But, I knew if I kept driving it would be sunny and hot in South Dakota. Because they told me, July and August are the driest months of the year with minimal rainfall recorded. Well, when I got to the Badlands it was still raining and it was cold. The forecast was indicating that it was going to rain the entire week and unseasonable cool weather. It snowed in the Hills! I could not make that up. I was discouraged. But, I was there and I was not going to go home until the end of the week. It did rain everyday that week. And, I did not go home early. I received a great gift during the week. Because of the rain and cooler weather, there was minimal tourists. I had the opportunity to hike in solitude. I got a glimpse of how it may have been at another time. I smelled and saw things in nature that only happens during and after a rainfall. And, I learned God does not make bad days. I just have to look for the beauty in the rain.

Here is a short video about a young boy who so desperately wanted to win a race but it did not turn out how he thought. It is about never giving up and finding another way to get a “W”. Enjoy!


Life is not about running the race perfectly. Life is about getting up when you fall.
Do not quit for He is with you.

Will you choose to stand when you fall?


kevin polky, LCSW, CADC