I hear many times of people being frustrated because the “bad guys” are not being held accountable. We see in the news when individuals are not given consequences for their criminal acts. There always seems to be an excuse or loophole in which consequences are not given. It seems at times the police and the judges are caught in the red tape of the system and are held back from doing their jobs. So, who are we accountable to? For me, the number one person I am accountable to is God. It is the one person that I can not hide from. As I shift my thinking from how can God serve me to how can I serve Him. The accountability increases. The question of how am I going to serve God, today, needs to be at the forefront of my mind.
But, what if you conveniently don’t believe in God. Perfect! No accountability, no rules! End of the story. Oh, by the way, just because someone does not believe in God does that mean He does not exist, hmmm.
For me, the other individuals that I am accountable to is my family. More specifically, my children. Like most parents, when they were little I thought that were not watching or comprehending what was going on. Oh, I was wrong! They were watching and absorbing. We may not be a role models to others, but when it comes to our children we model to them what behaviors to do. My children are now in high school. There are some behaviors and choices they make that remind me of myself. Some good and some well, I have concerns. And, now they are old enough to not only remember those times of long ago but now they verbalize. So, choose to do the right thing. Who said there was no accountability? They are watching!

Will you choose to do the right thing?


kevin polky, CADC, LCSW