For most families that have kids or grandchildren, school is starting soon. The summer has gone by fast. I hear students talk about school starting, not many look forward to the homework  or studying for tests. What is interesting though, depending on the students perspective based upon previous experiences, they either see school as a hostile or a friendly place. Unfortunately, there are situations were kids are bullied. And for those students, school is an unsafe place and they need to inform a strong adult to help them be safe. Bullying will only be stopped if everyone takes an active part in breaking the cycle of violence and intimidation. For other students, school is seen as friendly or hostile based upon their perception. If they perceive school will be unfriendly then they will look for and definitely find evidence to support their belief. Likewise, if they believe school is friendly than they will seek out opportunities to be friendly and accept others, differences and all. I pray that our students will have a successful school year. And, I hope that they will choose to see school as a friendly place.

Will you choose to see the world as life-giving place to live?


kevin polky,cadc, lcsw