It seems to me that June went by very quickly. We are already upon the 4th of July. Mid-way through the summer. Have I really been enjoying the summer like I planned to in the winter. Well, tonight I am. Sitting outside on a beautiful Summer evening. The sky is clear and the air has a fresh feel to it. I reflect on two very special time periods in our country’s history which allow me to sit outside my house and not only write this article but enjoy the weather and my family. Two hundred thirty-seven years ago a group of very determined patriots defied England and declared our independence. And, one hundred fifty years ago the Union fought to keep the United States as one country at the Battle of Gettysburg. Both dates are significant  in the freedoms and the life that we live. I am humbled by their courage to fight for what they believed in. I am inspired by their determination to fight against the odds. I am grateful that they  fought so that I and my family may be free.


God Bless,

kevin polky, cadc, lcsw