I am looking forward to this weekend. School will be done for both of my kids. Summer is official here with Memorial Day. And, I get the opportunity to spend time with my family. But, the highlight is going to be watching a group of highly talented teenagers perform Les Miserables at Rockford College on Friday and Saturday. Spotlight (formerly called CYT/Christian Youth Theater) has brought together some of the most talented youth from the Rockford and Chicago area to perform this all time classic. I have been hearing great things from my daughter who is in the play and my wife who runs the backstage. Each time they come home from practice they express how great the practices are going. More than once they have been moved to chills and tears.

Les Miserables is a story of grace, forgiveness, and redemption. It is a story of a man’s journey from shame and despair to hope and love. His commitment to do his life different is constantly being challenged by someone from his past not wanting him to be anything more than his past.

It is a story of grace and love fighting against cold-hearted legalism.

If you are looking to be emotionally moved and inspired, come to any of the performances (I will be seeing it at least four times over the next two weekends) or come and watch it more than once (if there are seats available).