What would you do if you did not worry about money?   What would you do with your time?

The primary purpose of money is to provide the essential things that we need to survive: food, water, shelter and clothing. The secondary purpose is to allow us to live with a sense of purpose, passion or comfort. I think the secondary purpose is very subjective and relative to our experiences. I believe we are influenced by our   experiences and our perception of other’s experiences. In my family, sports have been big part of our history. So, our children and grandchildren are shown the value and benefit of participating and excelling in sports and other extracurricular activities. The value does not come with how many wins or losses; it comes with the character that is developed. Character is developed as an individual sets goals and disciplines themselves to push through emotional and physical obstacles, as well as, being able to be humble and gracious in victory or defeat. Similarly, I believe what we do to make money and what we do with our gifts and resources are more about relationships than about the stuff we obtain. Jesus spoke to his followers about the birds of the air not worrying about what they were going to eat or the lilies of the field not worrying about what they were going to wear. He did not say they were going to be victims of fate and that someone else was going to have to gather seed for them to live. He stressed that living a full life is more important than worrying about if I have enough to keep up with my neighbor. He stressed the relationships that we create are more important than the possessions that we obtain.

I know for me that I can become very stressed and distracted not about if I am going to be able to keep up with my neighbor but rather will I be able to keep up at all. Somewhere in my past I must have learned that some magical amount money would allow me to feel secure. Now, I have come to believe that is a myth. Like chasing the wind! Today, I am learning to view money and security in a different way. For me, I know I need to show up and get out of the way (I will explain at a later time) and like the birds and the lilies it will be ok. And, regarding my resources and gifts I need to focus on using them to enrich my relationships and live to create memories. If I can focus on that belief than I will be as rich Solemn!

Will you choose to use your money to deepen you r relationships? 


Kevin Polky, CADC, LCSW