This past weekend, I had an opportunity to get out of town with my family and friends. The excuse was my son’s 17th birthday. The purpose was to relax and enjoy time with family and friends. It was a classic February in central Wisconsin. There was snow and it was cold. We had the opportunity to go sledding and hiking. We saw a beautiful waterfall. There is nothing more amazing than to be mesmerized by moving water in the middle of winter. We grilled a literal feast for our winter celebration. As the weekend continued, we watched movies, played games, and had great conversations. Nothing we did was over the top, but there were a lot of special moments. Taking the opportunity for a simple winter get away is good for your heart and soul. It is a time to slow down, look at the stars under a cold clear winter night, and be in God’s presence.


Will you choose to take the opportunity to slow down and breath in God’s presence?



Kevin Polky, CADC, LCSW