“Jesus humbled Himself.  He went from commanding angels to sleeping in the straw.  From holding stars to clutching Mary’s finger.   The palm that held the Universe took the nail of a soldier.


Because that’s what love does.
– Max Lucado

As the Christmas season is upon us, I think of a story from long ago. This story reminds me of how we may react to all the opportunities to be busy or quiet ourselves to remember the season. Once there were two sisters, who were having a very special Guest for dinner. The sisters were feverishly preparing the house for the special occasion. They spent day and night preparing everything to the very last detail. On the day the Guest arrived, Martha continued to busy herself with final details. But, her sister, Mary, sat at the Guest’s side listening to every detail of His journey and all He had to say. Martha approached the Guest with frustrations of Mary not helping with the final preparations for dinner. Martha complained to the Guest of all the work she had been doing and Mary had been negligent to assist. The Guest explained to Martha His appreciation of her hard work, but further explained how Mary had honored Him by quieting herself and listening to every last detail of His stories. He told her Mary had chosen wisely to give her full attention to Him versus to the preparations and it would not be taken from her.

As this Christmas season continues, will you chose to have a “Martha” Christmas or a “Mary” Christmas?

Have a “Mary” Christmas, Kevin Polky, LCSW,CADC