“David said, “The Lord who saved me from the paw of the lion and from the paw of the bear, will save me from the hand of this Philistine. . .” 

I Samuel 17: 37 

What do we do when we have to face difficult tasks or gigantic obstacles? We all have faced Goliaths in our lives. If you have not faced one yet, don’t worry, you will have the opportunity soon enough. Life is a series of obstacles. Some bigger than others. The goal should not be to try to eliminate obstacles. Instead, the goal should be to develop strength and confidence to face what life throws at you. But, guaranteed, if you have not been taking on the smaller oppositions in your life, you will not be prepared to face the Goliaths in your life. The story of David, the second king of Israel, is a great illustration of someone who prepared himself to face his Goliath. David was assigned, by his father, to tend to the family’s sheep herd. So, at a very young age, he went out alone to watch over his father’s flock. He, too, had to face fatigue, loneliness, the elements of the weather, and boredom. But, he had to face even bigger foes: a bear and a lion. He was alone. He could have run or hidden from these foes. No one would have known. No one would have blamed him. He was just a teenager. But, David was in charge of protecting those sheep. David understood that “who he was when no one was watching,” would develop his inner strength and character. He faced and defeated both the bear and the lion. Later, when he had to face the giant Philistine, Goliath, he knew he had prepared himself for this moment. He had done the little things to build his character and strength, to face this giant. He knew, with God in his heart, the battle he would face would be victorious. In our lives, when we prepare for opposition, take on the battles that confront us, and know God is in our heart, we will be able to face our Goliaths.

Will you prepare to face your giants?

Kevin Polky, CADC, LCSW