A new year is upon us. For most, the ending of 2009 was a relief. But, 2010 stared with earthquakes, heavy snowfalls, rising poverty and unemployment. How is this going to be better? If you listen, there are stories of individuals reaching out to help others.

During this difficult and dark time, I want to focus on three enduring truths that are timeless: faith, hope and love. I will start with the foundational truth faith.

According to the dictionary, faith means to believe without proof. In the bible (Hebrews 11), ancient heroes were stated to have had “great faith”. For them, faith was being sure of what they hoped for, and certain of what they do not see. Wow! Think about that, SURE of what they hoped for and CERTAIN of what they could not see. I hate to say it, but I really struggle with this and fail to reach this depth of faith. What seems to hold me back from this greater faith? I think it is me.

Specifically, I believe it is my thinking. I put my trust in what I have learned, so I’m not always open to what I do not know, or do not understand. It comes from my pride, my ego, and my desire to control. So, I have learned that I must humbly surrender my desire to control the outcome of my interactions. And, I come to believe God will restore my thinking to be life-giving rather than self-centered.

This, then, allows me to overcome my fears and be sure of what I hope for, and believe in what I can not see. Faith allows me to pursue my dreams, and the courage to take the steps to make them come alive.

Will you choose to have faith like the ancient heroes had?