School will be starting soon. Fall sports are preparing for the upcoming season. The anticipation for the new adventure is exciting. Along with the excitement, sometimes there is fear.

Where does this fear come from? What are we actually fearing? What can we do with the fear?

According to Webster, fear is anxiety caused by real or possible danger or pain. Anxiety is worry or uneasiness about what may happen. Fear is a very natural response to a real or possible danger, and is useful in protecting us from real dangers. It is our first response to alert us of the danger, so we can prepare ourselves for that danger.

Anxiety is what tends to cause us the biggest problem. Anxiety grows out of the possibility that something bad may happen. The possibility is what can paralyze us. Why? Most of us believe there are many more ways for the danger to happen, than for it to pass. This belief is exasperated by the popular media, who report when the possibility has become the reality. Our desire for self-preservation and to avoid pain, makes the possibility our reality, and we chose to play it safe and take no risks. So, what can we do?

I believe discernment of rational versus irrational danger is key. If we prepare ourselves for an upcoming event by identifying what our true fear is, we can dissect that fear. The process of dissecting our fear can be difficult, because it may bring up past hurts and failures. The process can be aided if we are examining our fears with someone we trust.

After the dissection, preparation for success needs to be the focal point, versus preparing for failure. A natural response to preparing for success is confidence and courage. The opposite is true as we focus on failure. Being prepared to make adjustments as the new adventure is underway, can help assure success. I believe discernment and preparation are key to reducing anxiety about your new adventure.

Will you choose to not let fear stop your adventure?