Recently, my family and I were blessed with the opportunity to go on vacation. We were out of town for about nine days. On vacation, we had seen God’s handiwork in many beautiful things. As we were traveling home there was a hope that at the very least, the cold of winter would be milder.

When we returned, I was amazed at what had happened. The trees were blooming, flowers were unveiling their beauty, and the grass was a lush green. I was not disappointed. No, quite the opposite. The beauty all around me was amazing. I would guess these colors in the trees, flowers, and grass appear every year, but this year it caught my attention and has not let go. The beauty that I embrace now does not take away from the beauty I experienced on vacation.

In fact, I believe the previous experiences prepared me to have a greater awareness and appreciation for my current experiences. Many times when we are going through loss, there is such a hole in our hearts that it feels as if it could never be repaired. It will never be the same. This is when despair may set in. But, do not lose hope.

Hope is a belief that what you desire will happen. Hope is not about turning back time or going back to a previous situation. Hope is about a belief that your life-giving desire will be attained. Hope is about honoring what was lost, and seeing the possibility in the setback.

Will you choose to look for the beauty, even in the familiar?