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kp counseling, located in Rockford, Il., offers a variety of services to meet you and your family’s therapy and counseling needs. We have a team of experienced therapists to consult with individuals from 3 years old to the elderly. The type of counseling and therapy service recommended will vary for each client. Our services are developed uniquely to meet your specific needs from individual, couple and family to group counseling.

A place of hope for the hurt and broken to be restored

"At kp counseling, we believe the art of counseling is a unique restorative process for each person.
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At the First of the Year…
At the first of the year, the demands on us take more and more of our time. New Years resolutions and goals for the upcoming year press for us to make decisions on how we will spend our time. What will we choose to eliminate, and then add, to our daily and weekly
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The Cattle are Lowing
The Cattle are Lowing Is it beautiful outside or just annoyingly frigid? Do you see the beauty or is your head down as you mumble through the snow and ice? Regardless of your perspective, the temperature remains the same. What you choose to think about is what you
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Who ate the last piece of bread?
Who ate the last piece of bread? Why is it so easy to think negatively? When our expectations are not met, or we are facing a difficult task, it seems that it is easier to be negative. I’m not sure why this choice of having a negative, verses positive, comment
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Concerns About Gambling Addiction in the Stateline
Kevin Polky, LCSW interviewed by WIFR TV in regards to a growing community concern. Commentary below from WIFR- STATELINE (WIFR) – It’s been one year since hundreds of video gaming machines went live in the Stateline. Some opponents say gambling is bring
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A Hair in My Soup
A Hair in My Soup Have ever looked forward to something and it didn’t work out? Not only does it look completely different than you expected but it is so much worse than you could imagine. I know that this has happened to me. Years ago I planned a vacation to go
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